Hot Pot Legend

The most authentic Szechuan Hot Pot Experience in Ashburn

Our Story

The founder of Hot Pot Legend, known as Big Brother was born into a family of Bashu hotpots. The family had been in the hotpot business for three generations. Big Brother learned his craft the most famous teacher of hot pot cuisine and learned the essence of the hot pot.

The Hot Pot Legend has spread in over 80 locations in China, and are now bringing the legendary cuisine to the United States for the first time. Come join us and enjoy great tasting, healthy food, in a fun community setting.


We pride ourselves on only delivering the very best of the best. Our food is brought in fresh every day to ensure that you're getting the high quality experience that you deserve. Our ingredients are prepared with the utmost attention to detail so that your visit will not just be another meal, it will be an experience

Our impeccable customer service is something we pride ourselves on. You will be greeted with a smile and we will do everything in our power to make your dining experience enjoyable. If it is your first hot pot experience, our servers will be happy to explain and demonstrate the entire hot pot process.


Dual Pot Pork Bone and Schezuan spices broth

Our Pork Bone Broth is simmered for 24 hours to achieve full flavor. It is the base for our signature Schezuan spices broth, made with real authentic Chinese herbs

Mushroom Broth

Our Mushroom broth has a strong essence of mushroom flavor. It is rich in antioxidants and great if you enjoy earthy rustic tastes.

Healthy herbal broth

This broth with a secret blend of herbs not only tastes great with hints of angelica root, but it also aids in digestions



Pickled Cabbage Broth

A tangy flavor with a slight hint of vinegar. Pairs well with seafood

Kimchi Broth

Bring Korean spice into a Chinese classic with this Korean style Kimchi hotpot with a hint of hot and sour.

Milky Broth

A Popular Taiwanese style hot pot broth. Naturally thick and creamy, a must try!

Tomato Broth

This broth is great for those who enjoy an Italian flair in their food.

Our Most Popular Meats


Fresh Baby Clams

Beef Tripe

Fresh Beef Honeycomb Tripe

Pork Belly

Fresh Bork Belly

Fatty Beef Brisket

Fresh Prime Fatty Beef Brisket



Wow, what an amazing spot!!!Service is wonderful!! They're great at refilling the pot with hot water, and bringing out more plates of seafood and meat as you order it.

Joanna C.

5-Star Yelp Review

Phillip Raskin

Went here last night with family and friends. This is the best hot pot around. The proteins are top quality and they give you big portions.

Phillip R.

5-Star Google Review

Joel P

Loved this place. Food was amazing, staff was excellent. Can't wait to go back!

Joel P.

5-Star Facebook Review


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