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The founder of Hot Pot Legend, known as Big Brother, was born into a family that had been in the hotpot business for three generations. Big Brother learned his craft from a renown hot pot cuisine chef and learned the essence of the hot pot.

The object of this brand’s creation was to formulate a healthy hot pot that rivaled the oily recipes of tradition. To adhere to the belief of a healthier hotpot, Hot Pot Legend uses a unique fermentation process that allows for a healthier option resulting in full flavor and a mild, mellow taste.

Starting with a single store, the Hot Pot Legend has grown throughout China with locations in over 20 provinces in the country. With hundreds of franchisees, and tens of millions of customers, Hot Pot Legend has become the gold standard for hot pots in the industry, and it is my privilege  to bring this world renown brand the the United States. Come join us and enjoy great tasting, healthy food, in a fun community setting.

Stanley Chang

Our Awards

Selected as one of the Top 50 Cheap Eats by the Washingtonian

Top 10 Hot Pot Restaurant on "heavenly cuisine" on sichuan television

Selected as best hot pot restaurant by chengdu food and beverage association


Stanley Chang


Yu Sheon

Regional Manager

Hermes Barzola

General Manager

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